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candles burning
The Levalier House
17th-Aug-2011 12:47 pm
Devin Amell
Catching up on some stuff that never got posted here. XD;

Just a short silly snippet, borne out of a conversation weeks ago with Sresla, who brought up a superhero duo with a seriously horrible catchphrase. He suggested it was the sort of thing Alistair would come up with, which, in my mind, would lead Devin to an almost inevitable response. XD

Author: jenova
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

"All right," Alistair said as the two rogues took seats at the table, "I think we need to work on some pro-Grey Warden publicity. Something to give people hope that we're trying to stop the Blight, you know?"

"And maybe stop them from trying to turn us in to Loghain's men for the reward money," Devin added as he walked over from the other side of the room. The group sat in one of the back rooms of the Gnawed Noble, lent to them for an hour by a grateful proprietor; Alistair had asked Leliana and Zevran to help with this endeavor, since they were both good with words. He hadn't, however, really specified the evening's agenda, and at the Wardens' explanation, Zevran let out an exaggerated tragic sigh.

"And here I had hoped we had all gathered together for a singularly memorable evening," he murmured, earning a wicked grin from the mage-Warden.

"It's a thought..." Devin mused.

"What? No!" Alistair said indignantly as Leliana giggled. "I'm serious! We should try to get the people on our side. Remember how we had to fight our way out of Lothering?" The Templar trainee looked up at his fellow Warden for support.

"Hmm. True enough, and Denerim would be a good place to start that sort of thing," Devin acknowledged, pacing behind Alistair's seat. "But what did you have in mind?"

"Maybe posters?" It was clear that Alistair had given this some thought. "With a catchy slogan, something that people would remember."

Leliana tilted her head thoughtfully. "Perhaps it could work. Loghain's men would tear the posters down whenever they saw them, of course, but if we had someone sympathetic here in the city, constantly putting new ones up..."

"Exactly!" Alistair said enthusiastically. "It would stay on people's minds."

"And what would go on these posters, friend Alistair?" Zevran asked with lazy curiosity, leaning back in his chair.

"I don't know, maybe a Grey Warden griffon? And then, you know, something short and to the point, something that would stick. Like... 'Grey Wardens,'" and here the Templar gestured in the air, laying out lines of text, "'Yes we can!'"

The two rogues looked at Alistair blankly for a moment, then at each other, perhaps trying to decide who should speak first.

"I think, if we're going in that direction," Devin said, leaning down to speak with his lips near Alistair's ear, his arm draped casually over the other Warden's shoulders, "I'd prefer 'Yes, we do.'"

The warrior flushed as Devin dropped into the seat next to him, while Zevran chuckled appreciatively. "'Yes, we do' what?" he asked peevishly.

"Precisely, Alistair, precisely." The mage's grin was wolfish, and at that point, Leliana couldn't hold back her laughter as Alistair was forced to look away, his composure shot.

The duo in question were the twins Más and Menos from the Teen Titans animated series -- their catchphrase was "Más y Menos, sí podemos!", the latter part of which really does mean "yes we can". XD Maybe it works for running for office, but charging into battle? Not so much. ;D
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