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levalier_house's Journal

The Levalier House
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This is the LJ compendium of fiction, original and fanfic, written by jenova.

Since I occasionally post things out-of-sequence, and post writing from different storylines willy-nilly, I've written up a timeline for anyone interested in reading any particular set of stories in chronological order. ^^; This also kind of serves as a master index :3

Fan Fiction
Dragon Age

The Well-Woven Net - Zevran/male Tabris romance, crossing through the entire game (unfinished; in progress)
Knot 1: Rather Unexpected
Knot 2: Unkind Cuts
Knot 3: An Unintended Turn
Knot 4: Unpleasant Dreams
Knot 5: Undisclosed Fears
Knot 6: Uncomfortable Truths
Knot 7: Unguarded Moments
Knot 8: An Unwitting Misstep
Knot 9: Unchecked Reactions
Knot 10: An Unburied Regret
Knot 11: An Unwelcome Encounter
Knot 12: A Most Unlikely Ally
Knot 13: Uncertain Steps
Knot 14: An Unwanted Reunion
Knot 15: A Gift Unlooked For
Knot 16: An Unforgivable Trespass
Knot 17: The Unseen Net
Knot 18: An Unspoken Vow
Knot 19: Miracles of the Unremarkable

Stray Strands - short pieces that fall in between the Knots of the Net, so to speak.
Armor - even the most mundane things can be interesting if they're unfamiliar. VERY early, possibly before Knot 2.
Glimpse - Alessar sees something he doesn't mean to, and has decidedly mixed feelings about it... Falls between Knots 3-5.
Theft - a bit of silliness, courtesy of the dog, shortly after Knot 5.
The Slow Thaw - Zevran tries to use the miserably cold weather to his advantage. Takes place after Knot 6.
Small Victories - Zevran doesn't lose many arguments with the Warden. Set sometime between Knots 9-10.
Cursebreaking - NSFW - After a nasty battle with the werewolves, Zevran tries to distract Alessar from their wounds and what they might mean. Would be no more than a few days after Knot 10.
Sweeten to Taste - Alessar gets a little more help than he expected cleaning up a mess. Set between Knots 10-11.
Bonds - The elves discuss exactly who Taliesen was to Zevran, after Ignacio brings him up (Knots 11-12).
Anchor - Nursing serious wounds, Zevran ponders the fact that he's not ready to die just yet. Occurs between Knots 12-13.
Value - Alessar obtains a rather remarkable gift for Zevran. Somewhat after Knot 13.
Shelter - Sometimes the things we need shelter from aren't the most obvious... and neither are the shelters themselves. Falls after Knot 13 and Value.
A Gift - something silly for Valentine's Day; would fall a day or so before Knot 14.
Across the Threshold - The first thing Alessar sees after slaying the Archdemon is...
A Wager - a bit of fun at an archery tournament, post-Archdemon.
A Fine Canvas - NSFW? - With the help of some liquid courage, Alessar requests a second tattoo from Zevran.
Mirror, Sword and Shield - Takes place during Awakenings. A glimpse of Alessar's woes as he struggles with being the Warden-Commander.
Resolve - NSFW - Right after the final events of Awakenings, Alessar realizes what he must do to have any peace.

Satinalia - a theoretical sequel to Well-Woven Net
Part I: Arrendajo
Part II: Fénix

...and all that came after... - pieces in the Well-Woven Net timeline that occur after "Satinalia"
Traps of Our Own Devising - The morning after "Satinalia". Vows unspoken are kept all the same.
To the Victor... - Zevran and Alessar have been reunited, but they've both learned some things in their time apart...
The Steel Key - NSFW - Set some weeks after "To the Victor". Zevran takes advantage of Alessar's trust and adventurousness to teach him something new.

Geese in Spring - an AU tale. What if Zevran had stayed with the Dalish, and the Hero of Ferelden met him there? Complete.
Part I: Memory
Part II: Identity
Part III: Remedy - NSFW
Part IV: Clarity - NSFW
Part V: Liberty

Disappointments - a male Amell storyline (unfinished)
Part I
Part II
Part III

A trio of stories that chronicle Devin's relationship with his fellow Grey Warden in "Disappointments". Written in response to various kink-meme prompts.
Unthinkable - NSFW - Alistair has a rather disturbing dream one night...
Incorrigible - Why does Devin act that way? Perhaps an interesting comparison to Waves Spreading Outward, from Alistair's point of view.
Inevitable - NSFW - The Mage-Warden is a difficult man to refuse.

Aim - Zevran nearly ruins his arrangement with the Warden before it's barely begun.
Waves Spreading Outward - After being rescued from the Redcliffe castle dungeon, Jowan reflects on his history with Devin.
Mirror - In the aftermath of Redcliffe, Zevran learns that perhaps he and the Warden have more in common than he thought.
A Marketable Skill - Alistair is trying to learn a party trick that Devin and Zevran would be more than happy to help him with.
Proof - probably AU post-Awakenings piece. What can ruffle Devin Amell?
Breaking - A slightly AU, post-Origins snippet. The Wardens from Weisshaupt have some questions for Devin...

Dragon Age 2 (May contain spoilers!)
Small Comfort - A grieving Tristran Hawke receives some unexpected consolation from Fenris.
Degrees of Separation - Where Devin Amell just might be found while his cousin Hawke is turning Kirkwall upside-down.

The Debut - NSFW - Zevran's first assassination contract for the Crows.
On the Hunt - Zevran and Taliesen spend Satinalia working, but perhaps it isn't all bad.
Fine Literature - Zevran bestows a somewhat questionable gift upon Surana.
Infiltration - Zevran has a cunning plan to break the Wardens out of Fort Drakon...

Original Fiction

Levalier House: Devin, Luciel, Allistair et al


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

Remembrance (drabble)

Part I
Part II
Part III

Duplicity (unfinished; in progress)
Part I
Part II
Part III

The Conservatory: Daniel and Joshu

The Overture
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Sleep a Little Longer (drabble)

Forgotten Realms I: Andelis and Amadeo


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Two Sides of the Coin
Captivated (excerpt)

Forgotten Realms II: Vala and Sevris
Revival (unfinished)
Part 1
Part 2

Mercury Phase
Antigravity - AU Devin and Allistair (and some others), based on characters created in the game Rock Band. (unfinished)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Denied - A short set after the end of Antigravity.
Solid Ground - A prequel to Antigravity, delving into Devin and Ellis's complicated relationship.
Astray - a follow-up to Solid Ground.

Heroes Unite: Devin (AU), Conjure, and Zack

Knight (out of continuity)
Blue Moon
Tribute (drabble)
Torn (drabble)

Part 1
Part 2


Hamilton Institute

Eat of the Apple
Once My Way
Untitled (Christmas gift for for_beatrice)

untitled - A scene dealing with Daniel and his vampiric maker Marissa, based on the continuity of the Vampire: the Masquerade game from which Daniel originally comes.

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